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        Admission fees 2019

        You have the choice!

        The attractive offer Filmstadt Complete includes all 3 attractions: the Filmstadt Guided Tour, the Filmstadt Atelier and the 4D Motion Ride. Please calculate about 4 hours for Filmstadt Complete. You are in a hurry? No problem. You can book the Guided Tour and – if desired – also combine it with the 4D Motion Ride.

        Admission fees

         AdultsChildren & Teenagers (6-17 years)

        Filmstadt Complete
         - Guided Tour
         - 4D Motion Ride

         - Filmstadt Atelier

        27,50 €

        (26,50 € 1)

        22,00 €

        (21,00 € 2)

        Guided Tour

        14,00 €

        (13,00 € 1)

        12,00 €

        4D Motion Ride6,00 €

        6,00 €

        Filmstadt Atelier13,00 €
        (12,00 € 1)
        11,00 €


        Special offers and discounts


        Filmstadt Complete
         - Guided Tour
         - 4D Motion Ride

         - Filmstadt Atelier

        19,50 €

        Guided Tour

        10,50 €

        4D Motion Ride

        6,00 €

        Filmstadt Atelier

        9,50 €

        Family Sunday4

        Filmstadt Complete
         - Guided Tour
         - 4D Motion Ride

         - Filmstadt Atelier

        84,00 €

        Guided Tour

        44,00 €

        4D Motion Ride

        22,00 €

        Filmstadt Atelier42,00 €

        The prices are valid until December 31st 2019. The information are updated and refer to the publication on January 1st 2019. All prices including taxes and per person. If tax is raised, we reserve the right to adjust the gross price. Discounts can not be combined with other discounts.


        1  Reduced entrance for Seniors (60 years+), severely disabled persons (upon presentation of an official identification document), groups of 20 and more persons (only after advance reservation)

        2  Reduced entrance for groups of 20 and more persons

        3  Reduced entrance only for school classes (6-21 years) of 20 and more persons

        4  Reduced entrance for 2 adults and all their own children (up to and including 17 years of age), valid only on Sundays



        Visiting the Bavaria Filmstadt on your birthay? Just show your ID and receive free entry!


        Public transportation discount (MVV)
        On presentation of your valid MVV Single Day Ticket inner district, Munich XXL, outer district or entire network, you will get a 1,00 € discount for individuals on the Filmstadt Guided Tour and Filmstadt Complete.



        Amazed by what's happening in the movies? Subscribe and receive a discount of 10% on the purchase of vouchers ordered online.

        Bavaria Filmstadt
        Bavaria Film GmbH
        Bavariafilmplatz 7
        82031 Geiselgasteig near Munich

        Phone: +49 89 6499 2000
        email: filmstadt@bavaria-film.de


        Download the ?Hearonymus-App“ for free from Google Play / App Store


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        Filmstadt Partner

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