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        NEW: our anniversary attraction Filmstadt Atelier

        An interactive time travel through 100 years of film and television

        100 years of film and television in Geiselgasteig - that is a reason to celebrate. And this is how we do it: with our anniversary attraction, the new FILMSTADT ATELIER.

        1,500 square meters on two floors will provide fascinating insights into unique archive material, such as pictures and film clips, original props, decorations and costumes from huge film classics and legendary TV-highlights, produced in Geiselgasteig.

        Your visit will be rounded off by a lot of interactive experiences: feel like an actor in the film shoot "(T)Raumschiff Surprise - Periode 1", dive into the movie adventure "Lissi und die wilde Kaiserfahrt" - our animated film, or solve our film quiz - it's going to be real fun! Do you want more? Train and try our how a movie-slap-in-the-face works. Or fly above the clouds with the lucky dragon Falkor!


        Duration: approximately 2 hours


        Flyer Filmstadt Atelier

        Just get the Filmstadt Filmstadt Atelier Flyer right here and follow the instructions to install the App

        Download the app now free of charge


        Two apps for free in our Filmstadt Atelier


        If you want more extensive information on the history of Bavaria Film, you can easily download our audio guide on your mobile phone for free.

        For the perfect interactive experience you can download the app "Filmstadt Atelier" for free from Google Play / App Store.

        A lot of highlights await you:
        - a film quiz
        - selfie-features for funny souvenir photos
        - a mascot-quest for the kids: 10 Rollis are hidden somewhere in the Filmstadt Atelier:
          can you find them all?
        - you will get animated-effect-information or additional information (like job profiles) by scanning the
        - fly with Falkor above the clouds

        PS: we offer you a free WiFi-network troughout Bavaria Filmstadt!


        HINT: Just download the app already at home so that you can quickly start the digital adventure on the spot!

        Either alone or in combination with Filmstadt Complete

        You can book the new Filmstadt Atelier along with the favourable price offer Filmstadt Complete (including Guided Tour and 4D Motion Ride) or you decide to visit only the Filmstadt Atelier.


        Amazed by what's happening in the movies? Subscribe and receive a discount of 10% on the purchase of vouchers ordered online.

        Bavaria Filmstadt
        Bavaria Film GmbH
        Bavariafilmplatz 7
        82031 Geiselgasteig near Munich

        Phone: +49 89 6499 2000
        email: filmstadt@bavaria-film.de


        Download the ?Hearonymus-App“ for free from Google Play / App Store


        Download the ?Filmstadt Atelier App“ for free from Google Play / App Store


        Filmstadt Partner

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